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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Difference between Microblading and Nano-Brows? +

There are many benefits to Nano-Brows over Microblading, soon Microblading will be a thing of the past. Health professionals have many concerns about Microblading procedures and the effects it has on the skin.

Microblading uses blades to cut the skin to deposit pigment, it's very painful, bleeds, and leaves an open wound that could get infected.

Microblading also has a healing process of at least two weeks that consists of scabbing, flaking, itching and swelling.

Since Nano-Brows is done by machine instead of blades the nano procedure is less painful, last longer, heals quicker and is not invasive or damaging like microblading is to the skin.

Does it hurt? +

The new Nano-Brow procedure is practically pain-free. It doesn’t use blades to cut or scratch the skin to deposit pigment which causes bleeding.

However; everybody's comfort level is different, to make it as painless, and comfortable as possiable for everyone, a topical numbing cream is used.

Will it ruin my natural brows? +

Since no blades are used to cut the skin Nano-Brows doesn’t have any lasting harmful effects on your skin or natural hair growth on your brows.

How long will my brows last? +

Depending on the procedure you choose and your lifestyle, anywhere from a year to three years. With yearly touch-ups your brows will continue to last and look beautiful for many years.

What to expect immediately after the procedure? +

Your brows may seem darker or thicker than you expected. However, they will fade up to 40% or more and may itch or flake a little, this is a normal process.

Is there any special aftercare needed? +

Not much aftercare is needed, you will be given written information on caring for your brows such as; try not to get them wet, do not rub or touch your brows, keep them clean and dry at least two weeks after your procedure.

Why is a second appointment needed so soon after the first procedure? +

Your brows will fade 40% or more within the first four to five weeks therefore, a second appointment is needed to seal-in the color.

Why are brows important? +

Brows are very important on how you look, the loss of brows due to overplucking, waxing or age have a big impact on your appearance. Brows frame the face, gives a more youthful polished look, and draws attention to the eyes making dark eyes brighter and colored eyes more vibrant.

How much does Nano-Brows cost? +

The cost may be a little higher than microblading however, Nano-Brows by machine is a much better procedure that has many more benefits and last longer than microblading.

Scheduling Fees And Consultations

The new nano procedures have become very popular, and can be hard to get in for an appointment. Therefore, a $75 deposit is required when scheduling.

For a free consultation, please call 623.244.9740 or message us at the icon below.

Cancellation Policy

Please be courteous. We ask for a 48-hour rescheduling or cancellation notice to allow us to reschedule that time. Your deposit is non-refundable for no-shows or cancellations.

Please Note: There are no refunds on services rendered.

Certified Technicians

All our technicians have extensive training and are certified as 'Nano-Brow' technicians.

All procedures take around three and half hours.