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Looking for nano brow eyebrow services in Chandler, Arizona? Rely on Bella Brows! We’re thrilled to offer you this revolutionary technique that will transform your eyebrows into beautiful works of art. Allow us to explain what nano brows are, why it is preferred by our clients, and the different styles available.

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What Are Nano Brows?

Nano brows is a cutting-edge semi-permanent makeup technique for eyebrow enhancements. Unlike microblading, nano brow procedures utilizes a specialized needle machine instead of blades. This results in a more precise and natural-looking outcome, creating beautifully sculpted eyebrows.

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What Are the Benefits of Nano Brows?

  • Non-invasive: Unlike other methods that involve cutting the skin, the nano brow procedure is completely safe and painless. Our skilled technicians use a gentle hand and needle machine to delicately deposit pigment into the superficial layers of the skin, resulting in stunning eyebrows without any discomfort.

  • Does not involve the use of blades: This eliminates the risk of any cuts or scars, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience for our clients. It also means there is minimal bleeding during the procedure, further enhancing the ease and comfort of the process.

  • Faster healing time: Compared to other eyebrow enhancement techniques, the nature of the needle machine allows for quicker skin recovery. This means you can enjoy your stunning new eyebrows in a shorter time frame and get back to your daily activities with confidence!

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What Styles of Nano-Eyebrows Are Available?

When it comes to styles, nano brow procedures offer a variety of options to suit your preferences. Whether you desire a natural look or a more defined and dramatic style, our technicians can create the perfect eyebrows for you. The main styles of nano brows include:

  • Ombre Brows: This is the most popular style, where the color gradually transitions from light to dark, creating a soft, shaded effect. Ombre brows offer a more defined and polished look, perfect for those who desire a statement brow.
  • Powder Brows: A soft effect that resembles the look of filled-in eyebrows using makeup. It’s a versatile style that suits various brow shapes and is perfect for anyone seeking a more defined and structured brow.

Ombre' Powder Brows

Nano brows are the most popular of all brow techniques, giving you a soft, powdery look that's full of color. There are no individual hair strokes, just a soft, full-colored brow. It's a great technique for those who prefer a more natural make-up look and want to get a powdery finish. Ombre nano brows are the perfect choice for those looking for a subtle yet beautiful brow style.

3 hrs | $499

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Nano Hair-Stroke

Nano Hair-Stroke is an innovative way to shape and give a natural look to your brows. It is a machine-made procedure that creates precise hair strokes that look like real ones. With this technique, you can achieve a beautiful and natural look without wearing a lot of makeup. This nano brow technique is a great way to enhance your brows without compromising the natural look.

3 hrs | $399

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'Hollywood' Shaded Brows

For a truly glamorous look, try 'Hollywood' Shaded Nano Brows! Combining two techniques – delicate hair strokes and carefully blended shading – nano brows give your eyebrows a stunning, camera-ready look that celebrities love. With this technique, you can create beautiful, natural-looking brows that last for months. For an eye-catching finish, try 'Hollywood' Shaded Nano Brows!

3 hrs | $599

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Winged or Straight Eyeliner

Get the perfect eyeliner look for your eyes with our beautiful semi-permanent eyeliner. Whether you want a more dramatic cat-eye look with our wing liner or a softer, natural look with our straight liner, it will give your eyes a brighter and bigger look. For an even more dramatic look, pair your eyeliner with nano brows for an eye-catching, beautiful look.

2 hrs 30 min | $299

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Combination brow and liner

Achieve the perfect frame for your face with a beautiful combination of nano brows and either straight or winged liner. Our highly-trained technicians will help you create a look that suits your individual style and brings out your natural beauty. With a combination brow and liner, you'll be able to enhance your features and achieve an unforgettable look.

3 hrs 30 min | $699

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Yearly touch-ups

It's essential to remember to book your yearly nano brows touch-up appointment with Bella Brows. Over time, your beautiful brows may fade, so it's important to maintain them to ensure that you look your best! At Bella Brows, we'll help you achieve and maintain your desired look. Schedule your appointment today!

3 hrs | $275

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